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Key industry figures in transportation and earthmoving rely on Brooksco to keep their wheels turning, even when they are far from home.




Barry Hammond - AA Backhoe Hire

“I’ve known Steve at Brooksco for 20 to 25 years, so we’re friends as well as colleagues. Brooksco has carried out maintenance and rebuilds on my gear for years. Just last week I was there for a D9 engine rebuild. I’m very very happy with Steve and the guys, their work is great!  My equipment is principally bulldozers which I use for construction, clearing and  quarry work, so I need it to run well. Thanks Mate ! “




Ian Morris - Southern Sun Excavation

“Steve and I met a few years prior to me going out on my own back in 2004. We had D7 and D6 dozers, 5 to 35 tonne excavators, CAT and John Deere Graders, multiple bobcats, trucks, floats and other assorted gear. Brooksco have always been there to help me with the headaches. 80% of our work has been away from our home base in the Lockyer Valley. There have been times whilst working in Far North Queensland we’ve had machinery problems and Steve’s jumped on the next flight up. When working undertaking projects in the Surat Basin, they’ve talked me through problems and been able to come out to repair and service the gear. Steve and I talk every week. He’s a cluey bugger, not too many like him.”



Chris Bennett
Manager for Rod Pilon Transport and Owner United Frieght Operators

“I’ve known Brooksco for 4 or 5 years now. I’m in Transport – semi trailers and heavy haulage. We run Kenworth’s and Wester Star with Caterpillar and Cummins gear. Brooksco have completed fabrication for us , for example, they have made specialised bars under trucks,  and also carry out our mechanical repairs. I’ve never had better work, they are one of the best. Steve Brooks would have to be one of the most intelligent guys in the business , very approachable and very explanatory.



Nick Scholtes - Brisbane Deport Manager, Rod Pilon Transport

"Rod Pilon Transport is the leader in the transportation industry, and are dedicated to delivering clients goods to the right place at the right time. To do this, they need great service back up. Says Nick, Brisbane deport manager, “ We’ve been working with Brooksco this year and last, they repair our Prime movers and trucks, their work is good and we are very happy with them.”



Kerry -  Cockburn Transport

"I’ve worked with Brooksco at Browns Plains on and off for years, , but the owner has worked with them for over 15 Their used mechanical work is really good, and the work is a high standard. Mark Brooks looks after all my weed and seeds jobs, his jokes are awful, but his work is good!”