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Yanmar Power Generators;

  • Sound attenuated canopy
  • Powerful and transportable
  • Large capacity full bunded fuel tank
  • 2 wire auto start as standard


The range of five models delivers premium quality power generation, from 12.5 kVa through to 45.0 kVa. Engineered for stand-by power in all manner of commercial situations, or as the prime power source for industrial and construction sites, the YH Series has been specifically engineered to deliver clean and reliable electrical power.


The new YH Series is a complete range which is both powerful and transportable. With a large capacity fuel tank on all models, the YH Series gen sets are totally self-contained and fully bunded.

YH Series

At the base end of the YH series is the Yanmar YH170. This model has a power output of 12.5 kVa (prime rating power) and a dry mass of 691 kgs and comes with a complete set of power distribution plugs. Other models include the YH220, YH280, YH440 and YH550 delivering even increments of power output to best suit individual needs and applications.


Like any generator set, the YH Series from Yanmar features excellent noise attenuation. Whether out in the open, in a built up area or contained in a building, this is the ultimate “silent type”.


Although technically advanced, the Yanmar YH Series gen sets are easy to operate. The user friendly design features a simple turn key start, which ensures that the YH Series gen sets can be operated by people with a range of skills and abilities, while at the same time the simple operational procedures make the YH Series ideal units for hire and rental applications.


The control panel on the YH 170 has a simple user friendly design. Separate meters display voltage, amperage and frequency allowing the operator to monitor the power output. The M6 controller protects the entire gen set from harmful operating conditions.


The CM7 control panel on the other models in the YH Series is an advanced unit able to control operation, monitoring and protection of the gen set. While displaying complete information about the status of the unit, it allows the operator to control, program and configure the functions of the YH gen set.


An emergency stop button is conveniently placed on each model, for instant shut down in an emergency situation.


At the heart of the Yanmar YH series of water cooled generators is the world leading, Yanmar TNV series engine. This is a robust workhorse from the Yanmar family of water cooled diesel engines which meet all current Australian emission standards.


The Yanmar TNV series is a sturdy 3 or 4 cylinder design that operates at 1500 rpm in the YH Series gen sets for minimum noise. Even under 75% load, the fuel consumed is frugal, with as little as 2.72 litres per hour on the YH170 gen set. Read More...