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Heavy Equipment & Earthmoving Services / Repairs

Brooksco are your Diagnostic Specialists

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Engine Repairs & Maintenance

Brooksco understands that when the engine in your equipment stops, your business stops, so our utmost priority is getting you going again, as quickly as possible. Our mechanics are experts in fault diagnosis, so when you bring your equipment to us for engine repairs, we are able to get you back on the road, back on the farm, or back playing in the dirt with the least amount of lost time as humanly possible. We also always recommend bringing your vital equipment to us for essential regular maintenance servicing, to prevent it from breaking down, and costing you more in the long run, due to lengthier down time of your equipment.


Fleet Maintenance

Weather you have cars, vans, busses, trucks or earth moving machinery, regular fleet maintenance is an essential part of optimal fleet management. When your fleet is serviced regularly, it costs you less immediately, because your engines, drive-trains, hydraulics and other essential parts continue working at their optimum capacity, doing the job you need them to do without failure. You also save money in the long term due to unforseen breakdowns being greatly reduced, or even negated completely, which saves you valuable lost time while your equipment is unavailable to earn you money. By allowing Brooksco to be your essential fleet maintenance company, you will also benefit from having qualified mechanics working on your vehicles and equipment, once again saving you time and money in diagnostic guesswork, which is a common cause of equipment failure.


Field Service

Brooksco has the ability and expertise to service your vehicles and equipment away from our workshop if need be. We have fully equipped service vehicles that allow us to travel interstate, or even right across the country, to service essential equipment for customers who trust us with their valuable assets. We also have a new set of fully mobile truck hoists that can be relocated to our customers' workshops, should their vehicles and/or equipment need repairs or servicing on-site.


Engine & Drive-Train Overhauls

Engines and drive-trains are the beating heart of any vehicle or earth moving equipment, and here at Brooksco, we understand them better than our own wives. We know that when our engines and drive-trains are working, we love them, but when they fail, generally due to poor maintenance, we curse them. Brooksco can not only overhaul and repair your engines and drive-trains to get them back working efficiently after a breakdown, but we can maintain your vehicle and equipment's engines and drive-trains to stop them breaking down in the first place, so that they keep working and earning you money.


Diesel Common Rail Fuel Systems Diagnostics & Overhauls

With the continuous search for cleaner emissions from our engine technology, injector manufacturers are constantly striving to produce higher pressure common rail (direct injection) fuel systems with much smaller tolerances. This in turn creates the need for cleaner fuel going into the injectors to avoid fouling, and has created a much greater need for better filtering of the fuel before it goes into the injector, and therefore more frequent and more stringent maintenance has become of greater importance to injector life and hassle free running. Brooksco can not only diagnose and overhaul your common rail fuel systems, but we can, and prefer, to regularly service your fuel system, so that your engine consistently runs at its utmost efficiency, saving you wasted money on ever increasingly costlier fuel from inefficient fuel systems. Our experienced and qualified mechanics will quickly and efficiently diagnose your fuel system's fault and have your engine purring again in no time, so whether you own a MACK or a Volvo, Brooksco can diagnose and overhaul the "A to V" of all common rail fuel systems.


Workshop Service & Repairs

The first thing you will notice when you bring your vehicles and earth moving equipment to Brooksco is our expansive workshop, fully equipped and ready to service and/or repair your valuable assets. We also keep our emergency breakdown fleet fully serviced and equipped, so that all emergencies can be handled efficiently and accurately. Brooksco prides itself on getting the job done right the first time, to save you money by minimising your down-time, and we believe that it all starts with a fully equipped and efficiently run workshop. The next step is to have fully trained and qualified mechanics working on your equipment, and Brooksco settles for nothing less than the best when it comes to its staff, so you can be assured of the very best repairs and service when you trust your machinery to Brooksco.


Cylinder Repairs

Brooksco are proud of their quick turnaround and industry expertise with Cylinder repairs for boom cylinders, dipper arm cylinders, buckets cylinders and quick hitch cylinders. This is OUR area, call us and ask us for more information.


Hydraulic Repairs, Installation & Diagnostics

Brooksco not only repairs and services all your engine, drive-train and fuel systems, but we also have the knowledge, skill and expertise to diagnose, repair and install all your hydraulic systems as well, which proves that we truly are your one stop repair shop. Our mechanics are fully trained with hydraulic systems, and our emergency breakdown vehicles are fully equipped to handle all your on-site hydraulic emergencies, so why go anywhere else when Brooksco can do it all?


Machine Inspections

We all agree with the wisdom behind the phrase “Never Judge A Book By Its Cover”, but we all do it none the less, which often leads to less than satisfying choices, so if you are thinking of purchasing a new vehicle or earth moving equipment, Brooksco understands that you need to be completely sure your new equipment doesn’t just look good, but is also going to supply you with years of efficient and reliable service, which is why we offer pre-purchase full machinery inspections, for your complete peace of mind, so contact us today to inquire about our machine inspection service, and how we can save you from a potential lemon.


Risk Assessments

Brooksco offers full risk assessments for all industries, but primarily to mining, earthmoving and agricultural. We will come to your location and tailor a risk assessment report specific to your individual needs, so that you can be sure that your job will be done with the best combination of profitability, without compromising its utmost safety.


Electrical Repairs

Brooksco doesn’t just take care of all your mechanical and hydraulic repairs, but we also service all aspects of electrical components as well, so from repairing a worn ignition to replacing a full electrical harness, Brooksco has all your electrical repairs covered. We also service and install all vehicle air-conditioning units, to keep you cool when the work you do is hot.


Body Repair & Fabrication

If your vehicles have sustained damage from an accident, Brooksco can repair it, to get your truck, van or earthmoving equipment back to its former glory. Brooksco also specialises in repairs to all attachments, and we can even design and fabricate custom attachments to your specifications. Our workshop has the ability to complete all welding required for your attachments, including hard facing of earth moving and drilling attachments. Caravan owners, floats, fifth wheelers and more are part of our body fabrication customers.


'Weeds & Seeds' Service

Costly penalties apply if vehicle decontamination is not adhered to. Brooksco offer this service against environmental risk cost effectively and speedily. Brooksco understand the requirements of The Weed Hygiene Declaration (2012 Part 2) and can provide assurance that your vehicle is clean . Moving or transporting by road without taking reasonable steps to restrict the release or to ensure a vehicle is free of the reproductive material of a declared pest has a penalty of up to $20,000.


Machine Wash Downs

Brooksco not only services your haulage and earthmoving equipment, but we can also do complete machine wash-downs and detailing to get your rig clean and sparkling again. We can extend our machine wash-downs to complete full weed and seed decontamination of your equipment, and sign off on your inspections. Our cleaning capabilities also extend to full health and safety consulting, should your industry require this.